Specifying options for the Spell Checker

You can specify options in the Spell Checker to determine how it verifies the document.

To specify spell check options

1 Click Text, Writing Tools, Spell Checker.

2 Click the Options button, and click any of the following:

Auto Start — starts the Spell Checker as soon as you open it

Beep on Misspelled — makes CorelDRAW beep when the Spell Checker finds misspelled words

Recheck All Text — rechecks the entire text, not just new or modified text, after you have spell checked the document

Check Words With Numbers — checks any text containing numbers

Check Duplicate Words — checks for duplicate words positioned side-by-side

Check Irregular Capitalization — checks any irregular capitalization

Prompt Before Auto Replacement — asks you before the Spell Checker automatically replaces text

• Show Phonetic Suggestions — displays a list of words that sound like the word in the Replace With (or Insert Word) box

A check mark appears beside enabled options.

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  • Marco
    How to perform spell checker in coreldraw?
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