Splitting a blend

You can split a blend to create a compound blend. The object you choose to split the blend becomes the end object for one component in the blend and the start object for the other. Thus, the original blend is split into two components. For more information about compound blends, see "Creating compound blends" on page 434.

Splitting a straight-line blend to

Splitting a straight-line blend to

To split a blend

1 Select the blend with the Pick tool.

2 Click the Miscellaneous Options button, on the Property Bar.

3 Click the Split button.

4 Using the curved pointer that appears, click the intermediate object at which you want to split the blend.

• You can't split a blend using the intermediate object that is immediately adjacent to the start or end object.

• You can change the appearance of one component of a compound blend without affecting the other component.

J^s • You can also select a component of a compound blend by a holding down CTRL and clicking any of its intermediate objects.

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