Splitting and erasing portions of objects

When you split an object, CorelDRAW lets you choose between cutting the object into two objects, or leaving it as one object composed of two or more subpaths. You can also reshape objects by redrawing their paths. When you do, CorelDRAW automatically draws a path in an object starting at the point you select, and converts the object to curves.

Using the Knife tool or the Eraser tool, you can split objects or erase parts of them.

Using the Knife tool or the Eraser tool, you can split objects or erase parts of them.

Objects Draw

Separating one part of an object from another can require careful node editing. CorelDRAW makes this easier by letting you erase unwanted portions of objects. You can remove parts of a selected object by erasing them, automatically closing any affected paths. If you erase connecting lines, CorelDRAW does not create new objects; it simply creates separate subpaths. Whenever you erase part of an object, it automatically becomes a curve object.

What is a path?

Paths are the basic elements from which all shapes and lines are constructed. A path has no width or color, but you can give it width or color by adding an outline to it. By default, paths are drawn with a thin black outline. This makes paths visible when you first create them.

What is a subpath?

Subpaths are the basic curves and shapes from which a single curve object is constructed. For example, a single curve object with subpaths is often created when text is converted to curves. The letter "O," for instance, is composed of two ellipses. The ellipses are subpaths that compose the single curve object, "O." One of the simplest reasons for creating an object with subpaths is that you can produce objects with holes in them. In the above example, you can see objects underneath the center of the letter "O."

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