Testing the readability of a document

You can have Grammatik estimate the amount of skill required for a reader to understand a document. Grammatik does this by comparing your document with a comparison document. You can change the comparison document Grammatik uses, or add a new comparison document.

To test the readability of a document

1 Using the Text tool, place the Insertion point in the sentence you want to analyze.

2 Click Text, Writing Tools, Grammatik.

3 Click the Options button.

4 Click Analysis.

5 Click Readability.

To change the comparison document

1 Follow all the steps from the previous procedure.

2 Choose a comparison document from the Comparison Document list box. To add a comparison document

1 Open the document you want to use as a comparison document.

2 Follow the steps from the "To test the readability of a document" procedure.

3 Click the Add Document button.

• You can add custom comparison documents to the list of comparison documents only one at a time.

• Use the Compare Documents feature to track your writing progress by comparing one version of the document to the next revision.

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