To add a Slanted guideline

1 Click View, Guidelines Setup.

2 In the list of categories, choose Slanted.

3 Choose a method of setting the guideline from the Specify list box.

Set two coordinates or one coordinate and an angle. For example, if you choose Angle And 1 Point, you must set coordinates in the X and Y boxes and an angle in the Angle box. The guideline you create passes through that coordinate at the angle you set.

4 Type the endpoint coordinates relative to the 0,0 point on the rulers in the X and Y boxes.

5 If you're using the Angle And 1 Point option, type an angle value in the Angle box.

6 Click the Add button.

^ • You can turn an existing horizontal or vertical guideline into a slanted guideline by clicking on the guideline twice so the rotation and skewing handles appear.

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