To apply a pattern transparency

1 Select the object with the Interactive Transparency tool.

2 Choose Pattern from the Transparency Type list box on the Property Bar.

3 Click one of the following buttons on the Property Bar:

• Two-color Bitmap Pattern Tranparency

• Full-color Pattern Transparency

• Bitmap Pattern Transparency

4 Click the First Transparency Picker on the Property Bar and click a pattern.

• By pressing ESC when you're dragging the Interactive Transparency tool, you return the object to its state prior to dragging.

• You can remove the transparency by clicking the Clear Transparency button on the Property Bar.

• You can import bitmaps or vector graphics to use as pattern transparencies, and you can create simple two-color bitmap pattern transparencies.

• You can edit the transparency by clicking the Edit Transparency button on the Property Bar. This opens the Pattern Transparency dialog box which is similar to the Pattern Fill dialog box. For more information, see "Customizing pattern and texture fills" on page 235.

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