To apply the Crafts effect

1 Select the bitmap with the Pick tool.

2 Click Bitmaps, Creative, Crafts.

3 From the Style list box, choose one of the following styles:

• Puzzle — creates a pattern using puzzle pieces

• Marble — creates a pattern using marbles

• Candy — creates a pattern using hard, round candy

• Ceramic Tile — creates a pattern using ceramic tiles

• Poker Chips — creates a pattern using poker chips

4 Move the Size slider to set the size of the craft pieces.

5 Move the Complete slider to set the percentage of the image that will be affected.

6 Move the Brightness slider to set the amount of light in the effect.

7 Click the Rotation dial to set the angle of the craft pieces.

• The Crafts effect supports all color modes except 48-bit RGB, 16-bit Grayscale, Paletted, and Black-and-White.

• You can also set size, percentage, brightness, and rotation values by typing them in the Size, Complete, Brightness, and Rotation boxes.

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