To apply the Offset effect

Select the bitmap with the Pick tool. Click Bitmaps, Distort, Offset.

Move the Horizontal and Vertical sliders to control the amount of bitmap shifting along the horizontal and vertical planes.

Enable the Shift value as % of dimensions check box to set the sliders.

In the Undefined Areas section, select one of the following options:

• Wrap Around — wraps another part of the bitmap around the edges of the window when shifted, creating a tiling effect. This option lets you check the edges of a bitmap you want to tile for use as a custom texture, wallpaper for a Web page, or your Windows desktop.

• Repeat Edges — fills the space left by the shifted bitmap with the color currently appearing along the edge of the bitmap. Produces a stretched effect.

• Color — fills the exposed areas with the color you choose from the color picker.

• The Offset effect supports all color modes except Black-and-White.

• You can also set the horizontal and vertical values by typing values in the Horizontal and Vertical boxes.

• You can also fill the exposed areas with a color you choose from the image using the Eyedropper tool.

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