To apply the Pixelate effect

K I Select the bitmap with the Pick tool.

2 Click Bitmaps, Distort, Pixelate.

3 In the Pixelate Mode section, enable one of the following buttons:

• Square — maintains equal Height and Width settings for the blocks

• Rectangular — lets you set Height and Width settings for the blocks individually

• Radial — builds pixels from a center point in a radial pattern. Click the Set Center button to specify a center point.

4 Move the Width and Height sliders to set the width and height of the pixel blocks.

The effects of pixel-block size depend on the size of the bitmap. A value of 10 in a small bitmap produces large pixel blocks. A value of 10 in a large bitmap produces small pixel blocks.

5 Move the Opacity slider to set the transparency of the pixels.

Higher values result in a blocky appearance; lower values result in a more transparent appearance.

• The Pixelate effect supports all color modes except Paletted and Black-and-White.

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    What is pixelate concept?
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