To apply the Remove Moir effect

K I Select the bitmap with the Pick tool.

2 Click Bitmaps, Noise, Remove Moiré.

3 Move the Amount slider to determine the amount of noise to remove.

4 In the Quality section, enable one of the following buttons:

• Better — applies a high-quality effect but at a slightly slower speed

• Faster — applies a lower quality result but at a slightly faster speed 5 Type a value for the output dots per inch(dpi) in the Output box.

• The Remove Moiré effect supports all color modes except 48-bit RGB, 16-bit Grayscale, Paletted, and Black-and-White.

• For best results, scan the original image using a resolution of 300 dpi and set the output resolution to 200 dpi in the Remove Moiré dialog box. The output dpi should be approximately two-thirds of the original dpi.

^ • You can also set the amount of noise and output by typing values in the Amount and Output boxes.

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