To apply the Replace Colors effect

1 Select the object with the Pick tool.

2 Click Effects, Color Adjustment, Replace Colors.

3 Click the Old Color picker, and click the color that you want to replace.

4 Click the New Color picker, and click a replacement color.

5 In the Adjust section, move any of the following sliders:

• Saturation — sets the saturation level of the new color

• Lightness — sets the lightness level of the new color

• Range — sets the range of affected colors. A range of 1 affects only a single color; a range of 100 shifts most of the colors in the direction of the new color.

6 To ignore all grayscale pixels when replacing colors, enable the Ignore Grayscale check box.

7 To replace all colors that fall within the current range of the new color, enable the Single Destination Color check box.

• Disabling the Ignore Grayscale check box replaces gray pixels based on saturation and lightness values alone.

• You can also use the Old Color Eyedropper tool and the New Color

Eyedropper tool to choose the color you want to replace and the replacement color, respectively.

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