To apply the Wet Paint effect

1 Select the bitmap with the Pick tool.

2 Click Bitmaps, Distort, Wet Paint.

3 Move the Percent slider to set the size of the drips.

Higher values result in larger, longer drips; lower values result in more subtle drips.

4 Move the Wetness slider to determine which colors drip.

Negative values cause the darker colors to drip; positive values cause the light colors to drip. The value you select also determines the range of light and dark pixels that drip. If you choose a lower value (e.g., -5 or 5)

fewer colors drip, but if you use a higher value, more colors drip, making the effect more pronounced.

• The Wet Paint effect supports all color modes except Paletted and Black-and-White.

^ • You can also specify the drip size and wetness by typing values in the Percent and Wetness boxes.

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