To apply the Whirlpool effect

1 Select the bitmap with the Pick tool.

2 Click Bitmaps, Distort, Whirlpool.

3 Move the Spacing slider to set the distance between the swirls.

4 Move the Smear Length slider to set the length of fluid streamlines.

5 Move the Twist slider to set the whirl method.

Higher values make the fluid flow around the swirls like whirlpools; low values make the fluid flow out of the whirls like fountains.

6 Move the Streak Detail slider to set the level of smearing.

7 Do one of the following:

• Enable the Warp check box — distorts the shape of the image

• Disable the Warp check box — retains the original shape of elements in the image

To save a customized whirlpool style

1 Create or customize a whirlpool effect using the previous procedure.

2 Click the Add button.

3 Type a filename.

To use a preset whirlpool style

1 Follow steps 1 and 2 from the "To apply the Whirlpool effect" procedure.

2 Choose a preset style from the Style list box.

To remove a customized or preset whirlpool style

1 Select the whirlpool effect from the Styles list box.

2 Click the Remove button.

• The Whirlpool effect supports all color modes except 48-bit RGB, 16-bit Grayscale, Paletted, and Black-and-White.

• The Whirlpool effect is memory-intensive and can take some time to apply.

You can also type values in the Spacing, Smear Length, Twist, and Streak Detail boxes to control the effect.

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