To archive the current version of your drawing

1 Click File, Version Control, Archive Document.

2 Enable one or more of the following check boxes:

• Make First Version Permanent — preserves your first version as a permanent version. This is a useful option if the file is fairly complete; otherwise it is not necessary.

• Use Compression — compresses your saved versions. This saves disk space, but adds to your retrieval time for larger files.

• Archive To Single Location — saves the archive to the directory specified in the Corel Versions dialog box. If this box is not checked, CorelDRAW stores the archive in the same directory as the original file.

3 Type the desired number in the Maximum Number Of Temporary Versions box.

This number is not affected by the number of permanent versions you keep.

• When you enable the Make First Version Permanent check box, your file is kept until you choose to delete it.

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