To create a style from a graphic or text object

1 Right-click the object using the Pick tool.

2 Click Styles, Save Style Properties.

3 Do one of the following:

• Leave the name of the style unchanged to overwrite the existing style.

4 Enable any of the following:

• Text — to use the text properties of the object for the new style

• Fill — to use the fill settings of the object for the new style

• Outline — to use the outline settings of the object for the new style.

• When you create a style based on an object, CorelDRAW does not automatically apply the style to the object. If you want the object to use the style, you must apply the style.

• You can also create a new style based on an object by dragging the object from the drawing window to the Graphic and Text Styles Docker. By default, the new style is named "New Graphic", "New Artistic Text", or "New Paragraph Text" depending on the type. If a style with this name exists, CorelDRAW numbers the new style to distinguish it from the existing style.

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