To create an imposition layout

1 Click File, Print Preview.

2 Click the Imposition Layout tool.

3 In the Pages Across/Down boxes, type the number of pages to include on each printed page.

4 Click each numbered box in the Print Preview window, and choose the following:

• The page number — determines which page of the document is printed in that position

• The angle — determines whether the page is printed top up (0 degrees) or top down (180 degrees)

5 If you are printing on both sides of the paper, enable the Double Sided Layout button.

6 Click the Imposition Layout tabs at the bottom of the Print Preview window to view each side of a double-side layout.

7 Type a name for the imposition layout in the Save As box.

• When you enable the Double Sided Layout option and you are printing on a nonduplex printing device, a wizard automatically provides instructions on how to insert the paper into the printing device.

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    How to create imposition layout in corldraw?
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