To crop a bitmap before you import it

1 Click File, Import.

2 Choose Crop from the list box to the left of the Options button.

3 From the Look In list box, choose the drive and folder where the file is stored. Double-click on the folder to open it.

4 In the Crop Image dialog box, do one of the following:

• Drag a corner handle on the cropping frame — crops in two directions, horizontally and vertically.

• Drag a side handle — crops in one direction, horizontally or vertically.

5 Choose a unit type from the Units list.

6 Click OK.

7 Position the import placement start cursor where you choose and do one of the following:

• Click — places the bitmap at its original size

• Drag — places the bitmap proportionally at the size you choose

• Hold down ALT, and drag — creates a non-proportional bitmap at the size you choose. Release the mouse button before you release ALT.

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