To draw a closed shape with the Freehand tool

1 Open the Curve flyout, and click the Freehand tool.

2 Click the Freehand Smoothing box and move the pop-up slider to select a smoothness setting.

Move the slider to the right for maximum smoothing; move the slider to the left for no smoothing.

3 Draw a curve or a series of connected straight lines that begins and ends at the same point.

If you're drawing a series of connected straight lines, double-click to create a node and click the starting point to close the shape. If you're drawing a curve, drag over the starting point and release to close the shape.

• You can draw lines that have both straight and freehand sections with the Freehand tool by using TAB to toggle between straight and freehand mode as you drag the mouse.

• To constrain the angle of a straight line to 15-degree increments, you must hold down CTRL before placing the end of the line. You can specify a different angle using the controls in the Options dialog box. For more information. see "Controlling the behavior of the Freehand and Bezier tools" on page 137.

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