To draw a curve in Calligraphic mode

1 Open the Curve flyout, and click the Natural Media tool.

2 Click the Calligraphic button on the Property Bar.

3 Click the Freehand Smoothing box and move the pop-up slider to select a smoothness setting.

Move the slider to the right for maximum smoothing; move the slider to the left for no smoothing.

4 Type a width in the Natural Media tool Width box on the Property Bar, then press ENTER.

The width you set here represents the curve's maximum width.

5 Type an angle in the Calligraphic Angle box on the Property Bar, then press ENTER.

The Calligraphic Angle box controls the angle of the pen nib. For example, type "0" if you want narrow horizontal lines and thick vertical lines or "90" if you want thick horizontal lines and narrow vertical lines.

6 Place the cursor where you want the curve to start.

7 Drag to draw the curve.

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