To prepare a drawing for print merge

1 Create a drawing in CorelDRAW that contains at least one text object.

When performing a print merge, keep the following in mind:

• Each text object to be replaced must be unique.

• Text must be Artistic text, not Paragraph text.

• Allow enough space for the substitute text. For instance, "Name" does not take up much room, but, when "San Francisco" is substituted, more space is required.

• The substituted text takes on the same attributes (typeface, point size, spacing, etc.) and alignment (left, right, center) as the original text.

• Any transformations applied to the original text (except Blend, Extrude, and Fit To Path) are applied to the substituted text.

• The text in each text object in the drawing must be identical to the corresponding text in the .TXT file. This includes capital letters, spaces, line breaks, blank lines.

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