To prepare a text file for print merge

1 Open a new text file.

2 On the first line, indicate the number of pieces of text to replace. The example in step 4 indicates that there are three pieces of text in the drawing to replace with text from the text file.

3 Starting on the second line, type the text exactly as it appears in each text object in the drawing. This includes capital letters, spaces, line breaks, blank lines, etc. The text must end with a character, blank spaces or lines after the text prevent the merge from working.

4 Add back slashes (\) before and after each piece of text. The text can be entered on separate lines, as in the example below:


Or, you can type text on the same line as in the following example: 3


5 Type the text to substitute for the text. Because back slashes serve as markers to indicate the beginning and end of text, you cannot use them in the text to be substituted. There must be an entry for each piece of text. The text file should look like this:


\Jon von Wolf\ \18 August 1995\ \Mr. Donald Smith\ \Katie MacBear\ \18 August 1995\ \Ms. Maria Santana\

Or, if you are using the linear approach, like this: 3


\Chris van Wolf\\18 August 1995\\Mr. Donald Smith\ \Kelly MacBear\\18 August 1995\\Ms. Maria Santana\ 6 Save the file as an ANSI text file (.TXT extension.)

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