To reduce curve complexity by increasing flatness

1 Click File, Print.

2 Click the PostScript tab.

3 Type a value in the Set Flatness To box.

4 Enable the Auto Increase Flatness check box. Use increments of two if you want the printing device to increase the flatness of an object that is too complex.

• When the Auto Increase Flatness option is enabled, the maximum allowable flatness value is defined by the value in the Set Flatness To box, plus 10. If a curve is still too complex when the flatness value exceeds this limit, the printing device skips the problematic curve. If the printing device skips a curve, it does not appear in the final output. You are not informed while you print that this has happened. For this reason, it is important to inspect proofs before you publish the work.

^ • If you are having problems with complex objects, leave the value at 1.00 and enable the Auto Increase Flatness check box. If this does not achieve the required results, increase the flatness by two (3.0) and try again.

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