To revert to a clones master

1 Select the modified clone with the Pick tool.

2 Right-click the clone, and click Revert to Master.

3 In the Revert To Master dialog box, enable one or more of the following check boxes:

• Clone Fill — restores the master fill attributes

• Clone Outline — restores the master outline attributes

• Clone Path Shape — restores the master shape attributes

• Clone Transformations — restores the master shape and size attributes

• Clone Bitmap Color Mask — restores the master color settings

You can only enable options that have changed from the master object's properties. Features that have not changed are dimmed.

• The Select Clones option is available only when a clone and master are on the same page.

• If you select a clone and change one of its attributes, that attribute is no longer dependent upon the master.

s^s • For more information about special effects and cloning, see "Creating special effects" on page 431.

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