To round a single corner of a rectangle or square

1 Select the rectangle with the Shape tool.

2 Click a corner node to deselect the other three corner nodes.

3 Drag the corner node along the outline of the rectangle or square.

The corner node splits into two nodes joined by an arc. As you drag the node away from the corner along the outline, the corner of the rectangle becomes rounder.

• You can also round the corners of rectangles using the Pick tool or any of the basic drawing tools.

• You can round the corners of a rectangle with precision by entering values in the Rectangle Corner Roundness boxes on the Property Bar. To round only one corner, unlock the Round Corners Together button.

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    How can we round a single corner in coreldraw?
    9 years ago
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    How to curve the edges of a rectangle in corel draw?
    9 years ago

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