To set CorelDRAW to display only the styles you can apply to a selected object

1 Follow steps 1 to 2 from the previous procedure.

2 Enable the Auto-View option.

Working with color styles

This section describes how to create and apply color styles. To make it easier to use these styles, CorelDRAW includes a Color Styles Docker. You can use this Docker to drag and drop color styles into your drawing. You can also use the Docker to create and edit parent and child colors, as well as delete color styles you do not need.

When you create a color style, the new style is saved to the current drawing. To use the style in another drawing, you can open the other drawing and drag the color style from one drawing folder to another in the Docker.

CorelDRAW also has an Auto-Create feature for creating color styles from selected objects. When you create color styles from an object, CorelDRAW automatically applies the new styles to this object. When you use the Auto-Create feature, you can choose to create few or many parent color styles. Once you convert all colors to color styles, you can, for example, use one parent color to control all your red objects, or many parents, one for each shade of red in the drawing.

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