To set ruler units using different units for the horizontal and vertical rulers

1 Follow steps 1 and 2 from the previous procedure.

2 Disable the Same Units For Horizontal And Vertical Rulers check box, and choose units of measurement from the Horizontal list box and the Vertical list box.

• When you change the ruler units, the grid frequency automatically converts to maintain the same relative distance between lines on the grid. For instance, if your preference is to have four lines per inch, and you change the ruler units to centimetres, CorelDRAW will automatically convert the grid frequency to the right number of lines per centimetre — in this case, one line every 1.6 centimetres.

• Enable the Show Fractions check box if you want the rulers to display measurements in fractions instead of decimals.

• You can also change the units of measurement on the rulers by choosing a unit of measurement for the Horizontal and Vertical rulers from the Drawing Units list box on the Property Bar.

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