To set the Link Manager Docker options

1 Click Tools, Options.

2 In the Workspace tree, double-click Customize, and click Link Manager.

3 Enable one or both of the following check boxes:

• URL checking — checks URLs at intervals you specify. Specify how often to check URLs by typing a minute value in the box.

• Display large bitmaps — displays large bitmaps

Bitmaps are images composed of individual dots called pixels. The disadvantage of bitmaps is that their resolution is fixed. This means that image quality can deteriorate when you scale bitmaps to different sizes. You can, however, modify vector graphics without a loss of quality. You can create vector copies of bitmap images by tracing the bitmaps.

You can trace imported bitmaps in three ways: using CorelTRACE™, using the Autotrace feature to trace automatically, or by using the Freehand or Bezier tools to trace manually.

CorelTRACE lets you automatically trace bitmaps and save them in a vector format suitable for CorelDRAW. You can launch CorelTRACE from CorelDRAW, trace a bitmap, and then return to CorelDRAW.

The Autotrace feature creates vector shapes from areas of a bitmap. You can trace an imported bitmap by clicking an area of high contrast in the bitmap using the Freehand tool. You can create an outline that matches the edge of contrasting colors in a bitmap tightly (producing many nodes along the path) or loosely (producing a less accurate path with fewer nodes).

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