To set the size of a single page within a multipage document

1 On the page you want to change, click the bottom of the Set Default or Current Page Size & Orientation button on the Property Bar.

2 Choose a preset paper size from the Paper Type/Size list box on the Property Bar.

• Setting a page to a size that is not the default causes any Preset guidelines on that page to disappear.

• Mixed page sizes are unavailable if you have enabled the View Facing pages option, are creating labels, or have the document page layout set to anything other than full page.

• The Set Default or Current Page Size & Orientation button is also used to set default and individual page orientations. For information on setting the default page orientation, see "Setting the default page orientation for multipage documents" on page 38.

4s • You can also specify a single page's size by clicking Layout, Resize Page.

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