To split a print job into bands before it is sent to the printer driver

1 Click File, Print Preview.

2 Click Settings, Printing Preferences.

3 In the list of categories, click General, Driver Compatibility.

4 Choose a non-PostScript printing device driver from the Printer list box.

5 Enable the Send Bands To Driver check box.

• The options in the Settings Specific To This Driver section are available only when you have selected a non-PostScript printing device from the Printer list box. Otherwise, they are dimmed.

• This Send Bands To Driver check box is available only in Windows 95 and Windows 98.

Any fill other than a uniform fill requires clipping when an object is not rectangular, because these fills are sent to printing devices as bitmaps, and bitmaps are rectangular. Clipping removes portions of a fill that should not be visible. The default setting for clipping is controlled by the driver, because this usually means faster processing. If you encounter a problem printing nonuniform fills, switch control over clipping to the software.

This option applies to non-PostScript printing devices only.

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