To trap by autospreading

1 Follow steps 1 to 3 from the "To trap by always overprinting black" procedure.

2 Enable the Auto-Spreading check box.

3 Type a value in the Maximum box.

The amount of spread assigned to an object depends on the maximum trap value and the object's color. The lighter the color, the greater the percentage of the maximum trap value. The darker the color, the smaller the percentage of the maximum trap value.

4 Enable the Fixed Width check box to fix the spread width.

The Maximum box changes to the Width box when you enable the Fixed Width check box. The value in this box determines the fixed width of the color spread.

5 Type a value in the Text Above box.

This value represents the minimum size to which auto-spreading is applied. If you set this value too low, small text may be rendered illegible when auto-spreading is applied.

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