Tracing bitmaps automatically

The Autotrace feature lets you turn bitmaps into vector graphics that you can edit, scale, and print without distortion. Autotrace produces an approximation of a bitmap; traced bitmaps do not look the same as the original bitmap. You can lose many subtle details of bitmaps when you convert them to vector objects. For more complex bitmap tracing, see "Tracing bitmaps using CorelTRACE" on page 542.

Many bitmaps cannot be autotraced. If the cursor changes to cross hairs with a thin straight line on the right side of the horizontal cross hair, you can use the Autotrace feature. If a wavy line accompanies the cross hairs, you cannot use the Autotrace feature. However, you can still trace all or part of the image manually.

You can change the way the tracing tools respond by changing their properties. For more information about changing the properties of tracing tools, see "Controlling the behavior of the Freehand and Bezier tools" on page 137.

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