Understanding the Link Manager Docker

The Link Manager Docker helps you visualize links. It displays all the links within a CorelDRAW document and gives you information about each link in the Index control. The Index control is a columnar list with various, categorical headers. You can find the following headers in the Link Manager Docker:

• Name — displays the name of the linked bitmap, bookmark, or hyperlink

• Page — displays the location of the link in the document

• Status — displays the progress of link validation

• Type Icon — displays the file type of the link

By default, the Link Manager primarily sorts links according to page number. The secondary sort is alphabetical.

The Link Manager Docker displays the status of each link using four different icon images.

Icon Status

Indicates a valid link

Indicates a broken link

Indicates a link that needs to be updated

Indicates a link that needs to be checked

You can perform a number of tasks using the Link Manager. For more information, see "Using the Link Manager" on page 539.

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