Ungrouping objects

You can break a grouped object into its component objects.

The Combine command creates new shapes with common attributes by fusing multiple curves, lines and objects.

To ungroup objects

1 Using the Pick tool, select a grouped object.

2 Click Arrange, Ungroup.

To ungroup all objects

• Click Arrange, Ungroup All.

• If you have nested groups (groups inside a group), repeat the ungrouping process until you get to the group level you want. • You can also use the Ungroup All command on the Property Bar.

In CorelDRAW, you can fuse multiple curves, lines, and shapes to create a new shape with common fill and outline attributes. If the original objects overlap, the overlapping areas are removed to create clipping holes that allow you to see what's underneath. If the objects don't overlap, they still become part of a single object, but maintain their spatial separation.

When you combine rectangles, ellipses, polygons, stars, spirals, graphs, or text, CorelDRAW converts them to curves before converting them to a single curve object. When text is combined with other text, however, the text objects are not converted to curves; they are converted into larger blocks of text. To change the shape of an Artistic text object, make the text a curve object first. For more information see "Converting Artistic text to curves" on page 341.

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