Using binding methods

When creating a custom imposition layout, you must choose a binding style in the Print Preview window. You can choose from three preset binding methods or you can customize a binding method. When you choose a preset binding method all but the first signature are automatically arranged. When you choose to customize a binding method you can layout each signature. The following three preset binding methods are:

• Perfect Binding — is a method of binding books, where individual pages are cut apart and glued at the spine. For example, a telephone book is typically bound using this method.

You can also use Perfect Binding if you want your pages printed in sequence, such as when printing thumbnails. An example of this, is if you are printing four document pages per signature, the first signature contains pages 1 to 4, the second signature contains pages 5 to 8, and so on.

• Saddle Binding — is a method where sheets are folded and inserted into one another. An example of a saddle stitched document is a glossy magazine that is stapled at the spine.

• Collate Cut Binding — is a method where all signatures forming a copy of the document are collated and stacked together. The pages are cut to form a number of stacks, which are in turn stacked on top of one another. For example, for a 32 page document printed with four pages per signature, the first signature contains pages 1, 8,16, and 24. The second signature contains pages 2, 9,17, 25, and so on.

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