Using Help

CorelDRAW features a variety of electronic resources that provide on-screen assistance as you need it. The main form of assistance is the online Help, which, apart from a minimum of graphics, is an electronic version of the CorelDRAW manual. You can find information in online Help by double-clicking specially coded words, phrases, or icons that display the topic. In addition to the online Help you can also get help using PerfectExpertâ„¢. Context-sensitive Help is accessible from anywhere within CorelDRAW. You can access context-sensitive Help from the menus, dialog boxes, Dockerâ„¢ windows, Property Bars, and all other toolbars in CorelDRAW. ToolTips describe individual features in the application, whereas the CorelDRAW tutorial guides you through basic tutorial procedures as you complete a range of tasks. The Online Hints window provides you with information about the tool you're using, or the possible tasks or actions you can perform.

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