Using Open Prepress Interface

Corel offers Open Prepress Interface (OPI) support. OPI allows you to include high-resolution scanned images in the work without dramatically increasing the file size. To accomplish this, the service bureau scans the images on a high-end scanner. They keep the high-resolution version of the scans and give you low-resolution equivalents. You import the low-resolution images into the document, using them for position only (FPO). Working with FPO images keeps the document size smaller and speeds up screen redrawing time. When you send the print job back to the service bureau for final imaging to film, the high-resolution images are automatically substituted.

• If you do not import FPO images correctly, they are not replaced at print time.

• You can only scale, crop, rotate, mirror, and clip FPO images. You cannot apply any other effects.

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