Using the automatic spell checker

You can create text in a drawing and automatically spell check the text as you type. A red wavy underline identifies misspelled text. You can change the settings so that CorelDRAW spell checks all Paragraph text frames, or only selected frames. The automatic spell checker is controlled with the right-mouse button.

You may decide to ignore the indicated errors. You can change the settings to have CorelDRAW indicate ignored errors by underlining them with a blue wavy line.

By adding corrections to Type Assist, misspelled words are added to a list with the correct spelling beside them. The next time you type the misspelled word, Type Assist correct the word automatically.

The automatic spell checker creates a suggestion list for misspelled words that you can use to help you correct the word. You can set the maximum number of spell checking suggestions CorelDRAW displays.

• You can use the Spell Checker to check the whole document at once. For more information, see "Working with the Spell Checker" on page 401.

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