Using the Prepare For Service Bureau wizard

The Prepare For Service Bureau wizard guides you through the process of preparing a file for output at a service bureau. The Wizard simplifies different processes such as creating PostScript and PDF files, gathering different pieces required for output of a document, and copying the original document, any embedded image files and fonts to a user-defined location, such as a removable Zip or Syquest cartridge.

The wizard is most effective when the service bureau provides you with a service bureau profile. The profile is created using a separate wizard called the Service Bureau Profiler. The service bureau can include all the information you need to set up the print job so that it prints properly. The profile is a file with the a .CSP extension. When you start the Prepare For Service Bureau wizard, you can choose from a profile provided by the service bureau or let CorelDRAW generate a profile by gathering all files associated with a document.

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