Using the rulers and grid

The on-screen rulers help you determine the size and position of objects in your drawing. The rulers can be particularly effective when you use them to position objects when dragging them with the mouse. As you move the mouse pointer around the Drawing Window, the rulers find your current position relative to their origin (the position where the rulers' 0 points intersect). The Status Bar displays the mouse pointer's position by default. The rulers can display the unit of measurement that best suits your drawing.

The grid works with the rulers to help you align and position objects accurately. CorelDRAW displays the grid as a series of intersecting lines spaced according to settings you specify. Displaying the grid is an easy and accurate way to position objects relative to one another and to the Drawing Page. In addition, you can snap objects to the grid to ensure they automatically line up with the grid when you move them.

The grid and rules work together to help you set an object's size and position.

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