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The rulers, grid, and guidelines help you draw and arrange objects with precision. The rulers are adjustable and give you a sense of location and size in the Drawing Window. The grid is also adjustable and is superimposed on your drawing to help you draw and align objects precisely. Guidelines are lines that you add to the Drawing Window to help you align objects. By default, guidelines do not appear when you print your work; you can set them to print using the controls in the Object Manager. For more information about the Object Manager, see "Using the Object Manager" on page 186.

How and when to use the rulers, grid, and guidelines is up to you; you can set the properties that control how these tools operate in your drawing. You will probably find it helpful to ensure that the rulers, grid, and guidelines are set up the way you want before you start adding objects to a drawing. Although you can change their settings at any time — for instance, viewing the grid as lines and then changing it to dots, or moving the guidelines around the Drawing Window — you'll probably find that you work more quickly if you set up the rulers, grid, and guidelines first.

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