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The Scrapbook allows you to browse your computer's folders, view collections of clipart and photographs, import files into your drawing, apply your favorite fills and outlines, and browse File Transfer Protocol (FTP) sites.

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The Scrapbook is a folder filled with clipart, photos, fills, outlines, FTP sites, and other items you can use in your drawings.

The Scrapbook Docker window is divided into six pages: Browse, Clipart, Photos, Favorite Fills And Outlines, 3D Models, and FTP Sites. To open the Scrapbook to a specific page, choose that page from the Scrapbook submenu in the Tools menu.

The Browse page lets you import items into your document from any folder in your computer. The Clipart and Photos pages let you import clipart and photo files into your document from the Clipart and Photo CD-ROMs. You can drag items to the Browse page directly from your document.

The Favorite Fills And Outlines page lets you apply preset fills and outlines to objects in your document. You can also save an object's fill and outline properties so that you can apply them to other objects. The FTP Sites page lets you browse any FTP site and import or download files from those sites.

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