Using the Toolbox

This table describes all of the tools in the CorelDRAW Toolbox. Tool... Description...

The Pick tool lets you select and transform objects. The Shape tool lets you edit the shape of objects. The Knife tool lets you cut through objects. The Eraser tool lets you remove areas of your drawing.

The Free Transform tools lets you transform your object by using the Free Rotation, Angle Reflection, Scale, and Skew tools.

The Zoom tool lets you change the magnification level in the Drawing Window.

w The Pan tool lets you move the display of the Drawing Window.

The Freehand tool lets you draw lines and curves.

—The Bezier tool lets you draw curves using a connect-the-dots style of drawing.

The Natural Media tool provides access to the Brush, Sprayer, Calligraphic, and Pressure tools.

The Dimension tool lets you draw vertical, horizontal, slanted, or angular dimension lines.


The Connector tool lets you join two objects with a line.

The Flow Chart tool lets you join two objects with a flow chart line.

The Rectangle tool lets you draw rectangles and squares.


The Ellipse tool lets you draw ellipses and circles.


The Polygon tool lets you draw polygons and stars.

The Spiral tool lets you draw symmetrical and logarithmic spirals.

The Graph Paper tool lets you draw a grid of lines similar to that on graph paper.

The Text tool lets you type words directly on the screen as Artistic Text or as Paragraph Text.

M The Interactive Fill tool lets you apply various fills using the mouse.

"1_t_ The Interactive Mesh tool lets you apply a mesh grid to an object using the mouse.

The Interactive Transparency tool lets you apply transparencies to objects using the mouse.

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  • LEEA
    Where is the toolbox in coreldraw?
    9 years ago
  • mareta
    What are the various tools in the tool box of corel draw tool?
    9 years ago
  • barbara
    How to use knife tool to cut an object to a star in corel draw?
    2 years ago

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