Using the transformation tools

There are up to five different ways to transform most objects: using the mouse, the Free Transform tools, the Property Bar, the Transform toolbar, or the Transformation Docker. The mouse is usually the quickest and most intuitive way to transform objects, but will not necessarily work by itself for every transformation (for instance, to weld, trim, or intersect objects, you will need to use the mouse in conjunction with the Property Bar or the Shaping Docker). If you require greater precision or more options, you can choose from several other methods. Choose the method that works best for your drawing.

To transform objects quickly using the Pick tool and Property Bar

1 Select the object with the Pick tool.

2 Enter new values in the appropriate boxes on the Property Bar and press ENTER.

To transform objects interactively using the Free Transform Tools

1 Click the Shape Edit flyout in the Toolbox.

2 Click the Free Transform tool.

3 Click one of the following tools on the Property Bar:

• Free Rotation tool

• Free Angle Reflection tool

Select the object to transform.

Follow the procedure for the transformation you are making.

• This method only works for rotating, mirroring, scaling, and skewing objects.

To transform objects with precision using the Transformation Docker

1 Click Arrange, Transformation, and click one of the following buttons in the Transformation Docker:

• the Position button

• the Rotation button

• the Scale And Mirror button

2 Follow the instructions for the transformation you are applying.

• To weld, trim, or intersect objects, use the Shaping Docker instead by clicking Arrange, Shaping.

To transform objects with precision using the Transform toolbar

1 Select the object with the Pick tool.

2 Enter new values in the appropriate boxes on the Transform toolbar and press ENTER.

• You can't use all of these methods for every transformation. For instance, you can't cut, erase, weld, trim, or intersect objects using the Transform toolbar. Therefore, the first thing you should do is find out which methods are possible for the transformation you're making — and then choose the best of all the possible methods, depending on your personal preferences and your particular drawing.

• To open the Transform toolbar, click Window, Toolbars, and enable the Transform check box.

• The Free Transform tools on the Property Bar function independently of the number boxes on both the Property Bar and the Transform toolbar — not in conjunction with them. Therefore, choose one method or the other; and ensure that you follow the appropriate procedures for the method you choose.

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