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CorelDRAW® is a comprehensive vector-based drawing program that makes it easy to create professional artwork — from simple logos to intricate technical illustrations. CorelDRAW provides tools and effects that let you work efficiently to produce high-quality graphics. You can also deliver your artwork to a service bureau for printing or publishing your document to the Internet.

Before you begin using CorelDRAW, there are some areas with which you should become more familiar. To assist you in using the application, CorelDRAW provides several types of Help. When using CorelDRAW, you may find it useful to know the difference between vectors and bitmaps. Furthermore, getting to know the various controls that appear in the application lets you work more effectively. Corel® also provides several support services that can assist you with the application.

Corel Corporation is recognized internationally as a world leader in the development of PC-based graphics and business application software. CorelDRAW is now available in more than 17 languages and has won more than 215 international awards from major trade publications.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality graphics, productivity, and business application software by actively seeking your input. We use this feedback and respond quickly to you, the users of Corel products worldwide.

For more information about Corel and our products, visit our web site at http://www.corel.com

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