Welding trimming and intersecting objects

When you weld, trim, or intersect objects, you can create completely new shapes that are irregular and unusual. There are two ways to weld, trim, or intersect objects: using the Shaping Docker, and using the Pick tool with the Property Bar. You can weld, trim, or intersect single objects with other single or multiple objects, as well as multiple objects with multiple objects.

You can apply these operations to almost any object created in CorelDRAW, including clones, objects on different layers, and single objects with intersecting lines. However, you cannot weld, trim, or intersect Paragraph text, dimension lines, bitmaps, or masters of clones.

Welding objects

Welding several objects binds them together to create one object with a single outline. This new object uses the welded objects' perimeter as its outline, and all intersecting lines disappear.

You can weld objects regardless of whether or not they overlap each other. If you weld objects that do not overlap, they form a weld group that acts as a single object. In both cases, the object takes on the fill and outline attributes of the target object — the object to which you welded the selected object(s).

You can weld any number of objects at one time, including clones, objects on different layers, and single objects with intersecting lines. When you weld objects on different layers, the resulting welded object resides on the same layer as the target object. When you weld single objects with intersecting lines, the object breaks into several subpaths, but its appearance remains the same.

Trimming objects

When you trim an object, you remove the areas that are overlapped by other selected objects. These areas are cut away, creating an entirely new shape. Trimming is a quick way to create objects with irregular shapes.

The object you trim, called the target object, retains its fill and outline attributes. For example, if you trim a rectangle that is overlapped by a circle, you remove the area of the rectangle that was covered by the circle to create a new, irregular shape.

Intersecting objects

Intersecting creates a new object from the area where two or more objects overlap. The shape of this new object can be simple or complex, depending on the shapes you intersect.

The new object's fill and outline attributes depend on the object you define as the target object — the object you intersect with the first selected object(s). The resulting new object uses the fill and outline attributes of this target object.

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