What is a bitmap image

Photo-editing applications like Corel PHOTO-PAINT work with bitmap images. When you work with bitmap images, you can refine small details, make drastic changes, and intensify effects.

Bitmap images, also called raster or paint images, are made of individual dots, called pixels (picture elements), that are arranged and colored differently to form a pattern. When you zoom in, you can see the individual squares that make up the total image. Increasing the size of a bitmap has the effect of increasing individual pixels, making lines and shapes appear jagged.

An example of a bitmap image.

An example of a bitmap image.

However, the color and shape of a bitmap image appear continuous when viewed from a greater distance. Because each pixel is colored individually, you can create photorealistic effects, such as shadowing and intensifying color.

Reducing the size of a bitmap distorts the original image, because pixels are removed to reduce the overall image size. Also, because a bitmap image is created as a collection of arranged pixels, its parts cannot be manipulated (e.g., moved) individually.

You can open vector-based CorelDRAW files, which have been saved as CPT file format, directly in Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Corel PHOTO-PAINT automatically creates a bitmapped version of the original.

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