What is a bookmark

A bookmark is a unique name that you can assign to text or graphics in your document. A bookmark acts as an address, or URL, for the object to which it is assigned. Any bookmarked object can be accessed from within the same document or from an external HTML document by using a hyperlink to that bookmark. For information about bookmarking text or graphics, see "Assigning a bookmark" on page 668.

The Internet Bookmark Manager contains a list of all the bookmarks you've assigned throughout your document. Each bookmark is listed by name and by the page on which it's located. You can rename a bookmark, and create a hyperlink from an object in your document to the bookmarked object you choose from the Bookmark list. If the bookmarked object isn't on the current page, the document switches to the correct page. The Internet Bookmark Manager also lets you clear a bookmark from the Bookmark list.

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