What is a Uniform Resource Locator

A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a unique address you assign that defines where a document is found on the Internet, such as http://www.corel.com/visitors/welcome.htm. The first portion, "http," identifies the type of Internet resource that's being requested, such as the World Wide Web (http), FTP or Gopher. The next portion, "www.corel.com," identifies the server where the document is located and is followed by the folder structure, "visitors." The last part of the URL, "welcome.htm," is the filename.

To successfully connect an Internet object in your published Web document, and another document on the Internet, each URL component must exactly match the URL address to which you want to connect. To connect to a page, or to a specific location on a page within the document you're browsing, you only need to type the specific page or location address.

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