Working with Kodak Photo CDs

When you open or import a Photo CD image, you can specify the resolution of the image and the image type, and you can correct color. A Photo CD (PCD) image is read only, which means that you cannot export to a PCD image.

Image Resolution

You can set the resolution of an image. Changing resolution to a higher setting requires more memory to load the image and makes the loading process longer.

Image type

Image type affects the quality of the printed image, and the amount of memory that is used in processing it. It is important to choose an Image type that meets your end requirements.

• Choose 256 grayscale (8-bit) to create duotones and to print to a black-and-white laser printer.

• Choose 256 colors (8-bit) to create nonphotographic images and to print to a low-end color printer (or if the system's memory is low).

• Choose 24-bit color to create high-quality photographic color images, to print to an RGB or CMY printer, and to print color separations.

For more information about the options included in the Image Type dialog box, use the What's This? online Help button.

Color correction

Color correction is available to you when you open a Photo CD image. This option will let you manually adjust the color tints, brightness, saturation and contrast of your image.

You can change the tonal range in the image by using the brightness, contrast, and saturation sliders. The brightness slider shifts all pixel values up or down the tonal range. Changing the brightness lightens or darkens all colors equally. The contrast slider sets the distance between the lightest and darkest pixels. Increasing the saturation strengthens the purity of your images color. You can also alter the amount of red, green, and blue tint in an image by moving the slider for each color.

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