Working with linked bitmaps

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Instead of importing and embedding bitmaps in a drawing, you can link bitmaps to the drawing. When you link a bitmap, the document references the bitmap instead of actually attaching it. Changes you make to the original bitmap are applied to the bitmap in your drawing. Linking bitmaps is an advantage because it decreases file size.

If you later want to embed the bitmap in a drawing — for example, you want to send the file to someone who doesn't have access to the original bitmap files — you can resolve the links, which embeds the bitmaps in your drawing.

The Link Manager Docker acts as the repository for all the links in a CorelDRAW document, including all externally linked bitmaps, bookmarks, and hyperlinks. Using the Link Manager, you can check the status of links, update linked bitmaps from their original source file, and resolve links to permanently embed bitmaps into your drawing.

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